Level measurement in the molten salt storage tank
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Molten salt storage in a thermal solar plant

Level measurement in the molten salt storage tank

Level measurement in a molten salt storage tank

Process data

Measuring task
Level measurement
Measuring point
Measuring range up to
30 m
Molten salt
Process temperature
+300 … +400 °C
Process pressure
0 … 0 bar
High temperatures, density changes


The important criterion for the location a thermal solar plant is gaining the optimal amount of sunlight energy available at that site over the year. Molten salt is used to store this thermal energy produced on the days when there is abundant sunshine, this enables the production of electricity even on days with little or no direct sunlight via a heat exchange process. This molten salt is usually stored in two large vessels. One vessel contains salt at a lower temperature (approx. 300° C), the other contains salt at a higher temperature (approx. 400° C). Accurate level measurement is essential to monitor the system capacity.

Your benefit

Reliable level measurement ensures smooth operation
Cost effective
Large storage reserves available through optimal utilization of tank volume
User friendly
Maintenance-free through non-contact measuring method

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