ensity measurement in the ore thickener
ensity measurement in the ore thickener Mining and metal processing Vega Innovation Malaysia Supplier, Supply, Suppliers, Supplies | VG Instruments (SEA) Sdn Bhd

Ore thickener

Density measurement in the ore thickener


Process data

Measuring task
Density measurement
Measuring point
Measuring range up to
1000 – 1300 kg/m³
Different ores
Process temperature
+15 … +25 °C
Process pressure
0 … 0 bar
Special challenges
Abrasive medium


Extracted minerals are fed to the thickener as a slurry via a trough. The solids are settled out into the bottom of the tank, in a process accelerated through the addition of flocculants. Precise density measurement of the slurry underflow is necessary for effective control of the ore thickener.

Your benefit

Reliable determination of solid content under all operating conditions
Cost effective
Cost savings through optimised flocculent dosage
User friendly
Simple mounting and setup

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