Evaporator in a distillation column
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Evaporator in a distillation column



Process data

Process temperature
Process pressure
20 bar
Process conditions
Extreme temperatures and high pressures, fluctuating density and dielectric values


In a petrochemical research facility, an evaporator (reboiler) heats the liquid from the bottom of a distillation column together with different additives, so-called catalysts, and splits it into its constituent parts. The temperature in this vessel is about 350° C. The different types of benzol released are then extracted in the fractionation process. The level in the evaporator must be continuously monitored and kept constant during the process. In addition, a point level measuring system is needed to reliably detect when the maximum level is reached, regardless of the mixing ratio of the raw materials. The different catalysts cause large fluctuations in the density and dielectric constant of the measured medium. These variations and the extreme thermal process conditions place particularly high demands on the measurement technology used.

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