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Non-Contact Fixed Infrared Thermometer
IR-20 non-contact infrared thermometer measures the infrared wavelength emitted from the target spot and converts it to standard current signal output (4~20mA). It can measure from 0 to maximum 400 in the distance of 10:1 D:S (Distance to Spot). Emissivity is 0.95 (fixed).

[ Applications ]
 Plastics, Fluids, Rubber, Coated components, Asphalt, Wood, Paper, Ceramics, Textiles, Glass, Food etc.
[ Specification ]
Segment Specification
Measurement Range 0~400
Device Thermopile
Accuracy ±1% / full scale
Repeatability ±1% of reading
Distance : Spot 10:1
Optical spectrum wave 8~14㎛
Responsive Time 0.5sec or below
Emissivity 0.95 (fixed)
Analog Output 4~20mA, 1~5V(option)
Power DC 12~24V(Max 50mA)
Ambient temperature(no water cooling) 0~70
Temperature Resolution 0.1
Warm up Period 1 to 2 minutes
Operating Relative Humidity 5~90%
Operating Ambient Temperature -30~85
Waterproof IP65,NEMA 4
Dimensions Ø36 ×110.5(L)
Signal Cable 4 wire shield type
Housing material Aluminum Alloy
Weight 160g
Cable length 3m(standard), other(option)
[ Code Number IR-20--- ]
Model Description
Code A Temperature Range
1 0~200
2 0~400
Z Other
Code B Output
N DC 4~20mA
V Voltage Output(1~5V)
Z Other
Code C Cable Length
1 3M
Z Other
[Optical field of view (D:S 10:1) ]

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