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Multi-input indicator
DI-20 has built-in high performance A/D converter & micro-processor which enable multi input signals, output signal transmission, communication, and alarm
[ Specification ]
Input signal: you can choose one out of below table.
Input signal group Type Input signal range Display range Symbol
TC B (PR30%) - 0~1800 Tc-B
R (PR30%)   0~1750 Tc-R
S (PR10%)   0~1750 Tc-S
K (CA)   -200~1350 Tc-K
E (CRC)   -200~800 Tc-E
J (IC)   -200~800 Tc-J
T (CC)   -200~400 Tc-T
N   0~1350 Tc-N
RTD DIN PT100Ω   -200~600 DPT1
DIN PT(0.1)   -199.9~600.0 DPT2
JIS PT100Ω   -200~600 JPT
DC mV ±100.0 -1999~9999 MV
V ±10.0
-1999~9999 V
mA ±20.0 -1999~9999 MA
*For input of mA, you need to connect external resistor for 250Ω/±0.05%/25ppm.
Accuracy control ±0.2%, 
transmission output ±0.25% (full scale)
Cycle of measurement and display 200ms (TC, RTD) and 100ms (mV, V, mA)
Input resistance Volt – 400KΩ, mA - 250Ω, others - 1MΩ
Signal resistance PT - 30Ω/Line, others - below 300Ω
C.M.R.R over 140dB, N.M.R.R: over 50dB
Alarm 2 or 4 channels (option)
- Contact capacity: AC 250V/5A, DC30V/5A
- Contact: 1b(N.O)
Communication RS232, RS422, RS485 (option) with built-in terminal resistor
Output signalEnvironment DC4-20mA / 600Ω (Max) (option) with insulation of input and output
Environment operating -5~60 / 10%~90%
storing -20~70 / 5%~95%
Power consumption 3.5W
Power voltage AC85V~264V
Insulation resistance FG/INPUT, FG/PW, PW/IN(over 100MΩ/500VDC)
Weight about 350g
Size(mm) 96(W)X48(H)X100(D)
Mounting PLC multi or single mounting

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