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Radiation-based Instrument Series PROTRAC

Under extreme process conditions many measuring principles quickly reach their limits. With ProTrac it's different: these radiation-based gauges remain completely unaffected by high vessel pressures, aggressive media, extreme medium temperatures or difficult physical product properties. How is that possible? ProTrac sensors measure contactlessly right through container walls with the help of gamma radiation – accurately and without maintenance.

All ProTrac sensors were developed according to the strict specifications of IEC/EN 61508 and fulfil the highest requirements. VEGA is the first supplier of SIL-qualified measuring instruments for radiation-based level and point level measurement. In addition, all ProTrac sensors have an ingenious Asset Management system at their disposal.

Another special feature of ProTrac radiation-based gauges: every ProTrac instrument can be equipped with a detector best suited for the respective area of application. For example, the up to 3 metre long PVT rod detector of SoliTrac is a specialist for cylindrical vessels. The flexible, up to 7 metre long detector tube of FiberTrac is ideal for round and conical vessels. And then there's the NaI crystal detector of MiniTrac, an impressive device because of its small, compact design.

"With ProTrac you get perfected radiation-based measurement technology that has everything right."

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