SUBMERSIBLE TRANSMITTER VEGABAR 67 | Suspension Cable Transmitter
SUBMERSIBLE TRANSMITTER VEGABAR 67 | Suspension Cable Transmitter Vega Hydrostatic Vega Pressure Malaysia Supplier, Supply, Suppliers, Supplies | VG Instruments (SEA) Sdn Bhd
Application area

The VEGABAR 67 is a suspension pressure transmitter for level measurement in wells, basins and open vessels. The VEGABAR 67 offers the possibility to detect also smallest measuring ranges from 0.1 bar. Measured products are liquids and viscous products with higher temperatures.


  • Maximum reliability even with quickly changing process tempratures
  • High plant availability through vacuum-resistant version
  • Very good cleanability and high chemical resistance through adapted materials

Technical data

Measuring cell METEC
Sensor diameter 40 mm
Measuring range 0 … +25 bar
(0 … +2500 kPa)
Process fitting thread from G1½, 1½ NPT
flanges from DN 50, 2"
Process temperature -12 … +100 °C
Deviation in characteritics 0.1 %
SIL qualification optionally up to SIL2

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