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Application area

The VEGADIS 175 is a digital indicating instrument without external energy. It is used for separate indication of measured values of all standardized 4 ... 20 mA circuits. Due to the standardized dimensions of the indication, it is generally used as front panel instrument.


  • Universal use due to 5-digit, scalable indication
  • High flexibility for the adjustment of the instrument through individually adjustable decimal point
  • Reliable function and wide-spread application possibilities due to the compact, robust housing with high protection rating

Technical data

Indication digital
Voltage drop max. 2 V
Signal 4 … 20 mA
4 … 20 mA/HART
Sensor 4 … 20 mA passive or active
Mounting front panel mounting
Ambient temperature -10 ... +60 °C
Protection IP 65
Indication range -19999 … 19999

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