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Pneutech are Australian pneumatic industry experts committed to providing high quality OMAL Pneumatic Actuators - Spring return and Double acting, reliable service and innovative solutions benefiting our clients bottom line. With a wide range of pneumatic Spring return and Double actingactuators designed and manufactured for specific applications, OMAL can satisfy all your request for technical reliability and safety. Even in the most hostile environment.

Ten Reasons to use OMAL Actuators

    Special stroke design gives you the increased torque required to activate a long standing closed valve, provide a powerful breakaway.
    Patented low-friction seals and guide seals on pistons "FOR-LIFE"
    Patented automatic pin lubrication "FOR-LIFE"
    Waterproof bubble tight
    It does not need any lubrication
    The sliding surface of body is lapped and anodised
    Acetal shaft support prevents corrosion
    The external surface is anodised to prevent corrosion
    All internal components are duly threaded against environmental corrosion
    No metal to metal contact, maintenance free

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