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Low Cost Turbine Flow Meter - Axial Turbine Meter


SMC's low-cost ALTM turbine flow meters are used for the precise measurement of instantaneous flow rates of low-viscosity fluids such as tap and demineralised water, fuels, liquefied gases, light fuel oils, solvents, and pharmaceutical fluids. Turbine flowmeters measure volumetric flow, where fluid passing through the meter body is measured by the mean velocity of the flowing fluid media. Flow rectifiers ensure a laminar flow in the axial direction of the wheel. A low-mass turbine wheel carried concentrically within the meter body is rotated by the fluid. The RPM of the turbine wheel is directly proportional to the mean flow rate within the meter body and directly corresponds to the volumetric flow over a wide range.

  • High resolution and fast response time; 5 to 50 msec
  • Wide temperature range; -4 ~ 230 °F (-20 ~ 110 °C)
  • Pressures up to 3,600 psig (250 bars) using optional high-pressure flanges
  • Easily cleaned; designed to flush particulates through the meter with the fluid media
  • NPT threaded process connection standard, optional BSP threads & flange connections available
  • Factory calibrated, traceable to NIST
  • Battery-powered display available
  • RS-485 and HART communicaitons available

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